‘Three Chords & the Truth’

Pike Cavalero introduces his newest reference, ‘Three Chords & the Truth’, released by Sleazy Records. This album continues the way of ‘Spring is in the air / Tack-Tack boogie’, the advancement single that this south-east of Spain rocker published last year. Like that one, this Long-Play has been produced by Mario Cobo, who has added more personality, if possible, to the sound of a musician who uses to search carefully in the oldies trunk.

In order to introduce the album in all its splendor, Cavalero releases ‘I Miss you so’ music video, featured track of the recording with Buddy Holly and Bobby Fuller sounding reminiscences, directed by Paco Rodríguez and performed by Cristina Galdeano and Raúl Pérez. You can watch it below:

‘Won’t let nobody’

Introducing the new ‘Won’t let nobody’ lyric video, another sneak peek of the numbers included in ‘Three Chords & the Truth’ with the special collab of Lucas Albaladejo on piano.