‘Three Chords & the Truth’

Pike Cavalero introduces his newest reference, ‘Three Chords & the Truth’, released by Sleazy Records. This album continues the way of ‘Spring is in the air / Tack-Tack boogie’, the advancement single that this south-east of Spain rocker published last year. Like that one, this Long-Play has been produced by Mario Cobo, who has added more personality, if possible, to the sound of a musician who uses to search carefully in the oldies trunk.

In order to introduce the album in all its splendor, Cavalero releases ‘I Miss you so’ music video, featured track of the recording with Buddy Holly and Bobby Fuller sounding reminiscences, directed by Paco Rodríguez and performed by Cristina Galdeano and Raúl Pérez. You can watch it below:

‘Won’t let nobody’

Introducing the new ‘Won’t let nobody’ lyric video, another sneak peek of the numbers included in ‘Three Chords & the Truth’ with the special collab of Lucas Albaladejo on piano.

Spring is in the air 7″ 45

After the impasse defined by the release of his first album in Spanish, “Sin Miedo a Volar” (Sleazy Records, 2016) and the E.P “Boppin’ and Jivin’ with…”( Sleazy Records, 2017), Pike Cavalero returns to the roots music scene with a new 7” single containing a little taster of two of the songs to appear in his next album ‘Three Chords and the Truth’, once more, hand in hand with the label from Málaga, Sleazy Records (www.sleazyrecords.com).

With the inestimable collaboration of Mario Cobo (www.mariocobo.com) as producer and guitar player, both tracks in the single are full of genuineness, punch and musical knowing of how to stand, and at the same time they show a greater degree of the artist’s maturity, attained  through his eight year of musical career on the rockin’ scene main stages all over Europe, even overseas both ways, to Australia or Mexico.

Heterogeneous reminiscences of classics such as Chan Romero, Big Danny Oliver or Buddy Holly can be found in these two tracks, together with Pike’s unique character (backed by his usual solid band, formed by Francis Beard -lead guitar-, Pepe Lee -double bass- and Jesús López- drums-) along with the magic touch of Mario Cobo in musical composition generate a highly promising horizon for what is about to come.

Caring for detail, the release has been recorded, mixed and mastered in Desert City Studio, Almería (www.desertcitystudio.com), the operating base of Cobo and Cavalero, using a 100% analog process, where even its master has been sent to factory in reel to reel tape format, something not quite usual nowadays. It also has an elegant artwork by the recognized designer Jordi Duró (www.durostudio.com) which makes it a must in any collection.

Preparing 2019

We’re nowadays fully inmersed at Desert City Studio on the pre-production stage of my forthcoming album, “Three Chords and the Truth“, which will be released mid-2019 through Sleazy Records in 12″ vinyl, CD and digital formats.

An advance single in 7″ vinyl and digital format will be released previously, also by Sleazy Records.

This time, the production work will be borne by the celebrated producer and guitarist  Mario Cobo (Loquillo, Nu-Niles, Kim Lenz…)

We’ll start the recordings with the band mid-november, and we’re sincerely counting the days to offer to you all this new release in which the roots styles you are used to will coexist with a new perspective.

Boppin’ and Jivin’ with Pike Cavalero

Pike strikes back with this hot new release for 2017.

A 7″ vinyl EP featuring 4 brand new original tracks.


Spain’s favorite rockin’ star rises ever higher and shines even brighter with the release of his stellar new recording, “Boppin’ and Jivin’ with Pike Cavalero”

Pike confidently delivers his 3th EP, filling it to the outer edges with four fantastic new songs; these grooves will crackle with the unrestrained exuberance and unrelenting energy you’ve come to love and expect from this man’s restless personality.

“Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Star” barely contains the disdain and scorn Pike holds for the flashy and false; it’s a musical warning to the selfish frauds who are “all flash and no cash” –you just can’t shine if you haven’t got soul! The honky-tonkin’ bopper “Here I Am” will lure your feet into a country-fueled dance-floor frolic and “Love Engine” jump starts hearts with Francis Beard’s driving rhythm and rolls with Pike’s full-throttle pursuit of a special, pretty-eyed girl! Our record ride winds up with “Cavalero Stomp,” a whirlwind instrumental race, replete with howls, screams and the feel of hot wind in your face: hold on tight and enjoy the trip!

Chasing shooting stars has never been easier or more fun than with the release of “Twinkle Twinkle Pretty Star.” In a field of dim pretenders and temporary idols, it takes a true star to shine bright and lead the way. Play this platter loud and bask in the white-hot radiance of Pike Cavalero!

-DJ Del Villarreal

“Go Kat, GO! The Rock-A-Billy Show!”


Rockabilly DeLuxe / Car Kulture DeLuxe / Ol’ Skool Rodz




Sin Miedo a Volar release

5 years after the release of his first album with The Gentle Bandoleros, ‘Just a Matter of Manners’ (2o11) and after stablishing himself as a solo act with ‘Torro’, (2014), Pike Cavalero, is near a crucial moment in his career, ready to present his first job in Spanish.
After years of touring across Europe in great part of the clubs and festivals of the rockin’ and roots music scene, Pike faces a new release, in a clear personal bet where he mixes his defined vintage sounds with spanish lyrics. ‘Sin Miedo a Volar’ (2016) will be released through Sleazy Records (Málaga), one of the world leading independents in the genre, containing 12 new tracks (10 original with two Spanish adaptations penned by Pike) where we will enjoy, from blues and country traces to high energy rock’n’roll or wild rockabilly in a different and exotic way and without losing an ounce of freshness.
The record has been, as usual in his productions, recorded and mixed by Pike himself in his own studio, Magic Star Recorders with the help of the recordist José Gabriel López, in live sessions with tape recorders and other analog gear in order to find the proper sound. Collaborating in the album we can find the great singer Diego Cruz, the vocal band The Del Prince or Al Dual. Killer vintage-inspired artwork is signed by Pablo Lacruz. It’ll be released in CD, 10″ vinyl and digital on September the 15th, 2016.


New 7″ for 2015

Introducing our first record in Spanish, a single containing two songs: ‘Ahora Que lo Tienes’, an original Cavalero/Dual bopper / ‘Mi nena pequeña’, a Spanish revision of ‘Little Girl of Mine’ by Cleftones/Electras featuring the Del Prince vocal group. It’ll be a transparent 45 vinyl and will be available early 2015 at Sleazy Records. Check the video for a sneak peak.

Music video premiere

Finally, last March 19th our brand new My Misery (track included in Torro) music video was premiered at mondosonoro.com.
The clip, filmed between Almería and Torremolinos has been directed and edited by 2112 Producciones (Murcia, Spain). Enjoy!

New My Misery 7″

Containing My Misery b/w Black Hearts Club (tracks included in Torro). Limited edition to 500 copies/single pressing by Migraine Records, next decade collector items. Available mid-April. Place your order now at Migraine Records site!