Spring is in the air 7″ 45

After the impasse defined by the release of his first album in Spanish, “Sin Miedo a Volar” (Sleazy Records, 2016) and the E.P “Boppin’ and Jivin’ with…”( Sleazy Records, 2017), Pike Cavalero returns to the roots music scene with a new 7” single containing a little taster of two of the songs to appear in his next album ‘Three Chords and the Truth’, once more, hand in hand with the label from Málaga, Sleazy Records (www.sleazyrecords.com).

With the inestimable collaboration of Mario Cobo (www.mariocobo.com) as producer and guitar player, both tracks in the single are full of genuineness, punch and musical knowing of how to stand, and at the same time they show a greater degree of the artist’s maturity, attained  through his eight year of musical career on the rockin’ scene main stages all over Europe, even overseas both ways, to Australia or Mexico.

Heterogeneous reminiscences of classics such as Chan Romero, Big Danny Oliver or Buddy Holly can be found in these two tracks, together with Pike’s unique character (backed by his usual solid band, formed by Francis Beard -lead guitar-, Pepe Lee -double bass- and Jesús López- drums-) along with the magic touch of Mario Cobo in musical composition generate a highly promising horizon for what is about to come.

Caring for detail, the release has been recorded, mixed and mastered in Desert City Studio, Almería (www.desertcitystudio.com), the operating base of Cobo and Cavalero, using a 100% analog process, where even its master has been sent to factory in reel to reel tape format, something not quite usual nowadays. It also has an elegant artwork by the recognized designer Jordi Duró (www.durostudio.com) which makes it a must in any collection.

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